Creation and Performance:
Michael Smith and Ashleigh Musk

Sound Design:
Anna Whitaker

Timothy Birch

In collaboration with Sunshine Coast Council through the Place2Play initiative enlivening streets and laneways through playful participatory activations.

BeatsxCaloundra took over the insta with an at home version, asking you disconnect from the screen and connect to a single place and time.

21 submissions | 21 beats | 21 cardiograms

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BeatsxCaloundra invites you to go inwards and visit that pumping, unifying, whispering rave in your chest. Artists Michael Smith and Ashleigh Musk are recording heartbeats in an attempt to find out what gets Caloundra pumped.
Share what’s keeping you alive by booking in for a private recording session in our back alley studio, pop on the headphones and experience your range of beats. Only have a minute to spare with your heart? Catch us roving the CBD each evening from 6pm to record your back-up beats.

Remixed for a listening party, this is the soundtrack of a vibrant community. This event is free and family friendly.