‘Two like figures enter the stage. Stripped of their own identities, they busy themselves with ritual. It feels ancient. Institutional. Bigger than those performing it. And, somehow, ill-informed. As the dancers cast off their uniformity, hope springs. But we will always find something to worship.’ - Sarah Mathiesen, Huxley Press

Choreographer / Performer:
Michael Smith and Nelson Earl

Sound Design / Composition:
Nelson Earl

Mask / Costume Design:

Lighting Design:
Yoshie Kenny

Amber Haines

Special Thanks to Grey Land Film for the latex masks. Also many thanks to Amber for her generous dramaturgical input and Chris Dyke for his support.

Tales for now. Tales to come.

The tenets of mythology entwined in the connections between human and god play out in a tall-tale. A simulated, ceremonial offering for the future; not for the gods of old but for the gods to come.

As much as we as a civilisation aim to preserve old, man-made stories, we also allow them to condition and dictate our being. Historically, our fixation on fantasy has found a way of mutating into a reductive catalogue of facts. How can we dissolve these codified facts and fantasise new religions of cosmic and fluid intention? Same Story; Dead leans into the fiction of where we are headed. A practice that lets the liminal being emerge.

SAME STORY; DEAD was originally Commissioned by Dancenorth in 2022, under the TOMORROW MAKERS program, supported by the Ian Potter Foundation.