‘The scraping, brittle inflexibility of the blocks contrasted dramatically with the sinuous ease of the dancers’ bodies, even when still. Whether serpent or statue, the flesh with its subtle, supple, shifting, breathing, pulsing, sweating, dripping liveness suggested silk and marble and never the unyielding unresponsiveness of solid concrete.’ - Robert Jarman, Artshub

‘With evocative imagery, creative use of space and a one of the best incorporation of the audience I’ve ever seen, it sets a high bar for other contemporary dance works to live up to.’ - Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

Performance History:
Spring.Loaded.Dance - Desert Festival
Metro Arts 

Development History:
Metro Arts Creative Development Program
Dancenorth A.R.T 
HOTA (Home of The Arts)
GUTS Dance Residency
Australasian Dance Collective and Ausdance QLD's 'Four Walls' residency
Lucy Guerin Inc. Moving Forward Residency 

Photography and Videography:
Pierce Eldridge, Jade Ellis, Zaimon Vilmanis, Amber Haines

Fertile Ground looks to interrogate the multiplicities of ‘paradise’, through the research and deconstruction of architecture, literature, religion and philosophy. Through looking at current environmental and humanitarian crises, Fertile Ground seeks to create space to face the reality we currently inhabit, and to reimagine potential futures we could occupy.

Flipping Dante’s Divine Comedy on it’s head and transporting the audience to a place of shifting landscapes, we arrive in a moment of limbo where audience and performers navigate their way through a micro cityscape of cement bricks, reimagining and re-crafting their reality in a call for collective action. This limbo, this state of purgatory, is a series of images, scenes and tasks that unpack themes of human impact, our compulsive need to leave a footprint on nature and our persistence to conquer, outlive and survive in the face of crisis.