‘The passion and dedication shown by these young dancers was impressive. It was easy to feel the raw emotion, fragility and anxiety that these artists experienced during the closures and it was expressed loudly and clearly in their dance performances. Hope, perseverance and strength was the overarching theme here.’ - SCENESTR, Luisa Ryan.

Response Interrupted was performed as part of ADC’s Youth Ensemble season of Echo,  a dynamic celebration of the ingenuity, adaptability, and boundless imagination of youth.

Performed at the Cremorne Theatre, Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC)

Avalon Ormiston, Finn Armstrong, Zoe Paterson, Grace Campbell, Jacinta Bounkeua, Luchel Oegema, Mia Mangano, Rikia Bell, Charlotte Dunks, Makeda Callinicos-Tomlin, Sarah Bellenger, Teagan Potter, Sarah Kapan and Trinity Andaloro.

Lighting Designer:
Glenn Hughes

David Kelly

Response Interrupted is a short performance work created for Australasian Dance Collective’s Youth Esnemble.

The piece embraces young bodies as turning points, figures that inherit great responsibility in times of change. The piece is ultimately an expression of empowerment and catharsis for young people to embrace self truths, to relinquish form and locate an invigorated freedom within inherited responsibility.